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A lot of the focus with powdered food is on that it's just that. Powdered and not 'proper' food.

But what most of the people who say this don't know is that with Huel you can actually cook fantastic and delicious recipes, like pancakes, cookies, bread, the list goes on. And best of all, these aren't just normal cookies. They're nutritionally complete cookies. Healthy cookies! Well, maybe the treats you add to them aren't, but they will still contain all the nutrients your body needs. Fancy waffles for dinner? As long as you take in to account the additional calories/ingredients into your diet, this means you can. Never again do you need to feel naughty for having pancakes for breakfast.

Recipes and ideas

Here are some rough recipes and ideas you can use to help make your own meals. We here at Huel are no chefs, so we're desperate for your ideas! Send them to us on our forum, Instagram, Facebook or Twitter.

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Heating Huel

Heating Huel can have some effect on the nutritional content, which is why we don't just add Huel to everything we cook. This is what our nutritionist, James Collier BSc (Hons), RNutr, says about what happens to the nutritional content when you heat your Huel:

"When you heat Huel carbohydrates remain unchanged. Proteins may change in structure upon heating, but this will not affect the amount of protein. Although some fats are prone to oxidation, ground flaxseeds have been shown to be more stable than flaxseed oil. There may be losses of some of the more labile vitamins and minerals when using boiling water (e.g. potassium, vitamin C and some B-vitamins) because these micronutrients may partly leach into the water and be lost in evaporation. That being said, when baking to high temperatures there will be much smaller losses as leaching and evaporation are much less of an issue."

So as long as you aren't cooking your Huel in boiling water or heating it to great temperatures, the nutritional content remains relatively unchanged.

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