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December 2017

Brit + Co - 26th December 2017
I Tried Eating a Futuristic Meal Replacement for a Week, and Here’s What Happened
Since I almost never eat breakfast, I really loved having Huel in the morning. I definitely felt more energized, and was less ravenous when it was time for lunch.

New Beauty - 22nd December 2017
Why People Think This Trendy New Diet Will Change How People Eat Forever
"By replacing the meal you struggle with most, you’ll swap out the junk food that leads to weight gain and instead, give your body a boost of good-for-you ingredients with no fuss. Sounds like a win-win to me."

November 2017 - 28th November 2017
My money… Julian Hearn
"JULIAN HEARN deals in what looks like the food of the future... a powdered food ​that Julian says contains all the proteins, carbs, fats vitamins and minerals​ you need."

MedGadget - 17th November 2017
FoodTech: How Engineered Food and Gastronomical Gadgets Affect Your Health
"Meal replacement drinks can be beneficial for those with severe dietary restrictions, as they’re easy to accurately portion out. They’re also perfect for those who could care less about taste or truly are too busy to even eat solid food." - 12th November 2017
For goodness shakes: my recipe for fast nutrition
"Being quick and decisive is vital in getting a company off the ground...Speed is the one advantage you will have over existing businesses." - 5th November 2017
From plantburgers to cutting food waste: how to feed the next billion
"Other innovators are developing more traditional plant-based proteins. Aylesbury-based Huel, for example, mixes protein from sources that include brown rice, oats, flaxseed and peas to produce a “nutritionally complete powdered food”

October 2017

Daily Star - 18th October 2017
Eight of the best high-protein snacks for building muscle fast
"Natural cocoa huel bars contains a balance of protein, essential fats, carbs, fibre, phytonutrients, and all 26 essential vitamins and minerals"

September 2017

Female First - 19th September 2017
Plant Based Snack Bars And Balls For Vegans On The Go
"The Huel bars are a convenient and a tasty way to compliment the Huel powder as well as offering a healthier alternative to regular snacking. High in protein and packed full of fibre, Huel bars are a smart choice for post workout recovery."

Forbes - 5th September 2017
The Best Health Tech 2017: Gadgets To Help Keep You Fit And Healthy (Updated)
"Okay so it’s not strictly a health “gadget”, but plenty of technology went into making Huel a thing... Huel can be dissolved into water to give you all the 26 essential nutrients needed to live a healthy balanced lifestyle on a daily basis."

August 2017 - 29th August 2017
The Best Meal-Replacement Shakes
"Huel exceeded expectations in every way: It has all the nutrients we wanted; it’s made from real foods instead of artificial ingredients; and we found it surprisingly tasty. If you’re looking for an appetizing shake that can truly replace a meal, this is your best option."

July 2017

BBC - 25th July 2017
Jeremy Vine - Leaseholds and Road Rage
"Jeremy discusses the Charlie Gard court battle, the government crackdown on leaseholds for new builds, the Hampshire road rage incident that's gone viral and powdered foods."

Food Navigator USA - 14th July 2017
Huel jets across the Atlantic to take on Soylent, offering ‘complete nutrition’ and convenience
"As for usage occasions, as Soylent has also acknowledged, while Huel has been developed to provide an optimal balance of nutrients such that you could technically eat it all year around, most users aren’t going to ditch food as they know it, said Hearn."

Bikini Girls Diary - 13th July 2017
9 healthy food brands you NEED to know...
"Another protein bar in the list. Huel bars are a chocoholics’ dream, very high in protein and fibre they are a fantastic alternative to a chocolate bar."

Elite Business - 11th July 2017
Tech is transforming the way food travels from plot to plate
"“It was hard getting off the ground: legislation can be a hindrance but really the biggest hurdle was convincing manufacturers to produce our product at scale,” says Hearn of Huel’s early days." 

June 2017

Extra Crispy - 13th June 2017
European Soylent Competitor Huel Is Coming to America
"The brand began when founder Julian Hearn realised the statistics for food waste, and over consumption. He wanted to do something both for people who wanted a cheap, convenient and easy to use alternative to buying food, and those who are concerned with the fact that 40 percent of food in the US goes to waste."

Daily Star - 2nd June 2017
Five of the best high-protein snacks for building muscle fast
"Natural cocoa huel bars contains a balance of protein, essential fats, carbs, fibre, phytonutrients, and all 26 essential vitamins and minerals."

May 2017

IMB Blog - Think Leader - 30th May 2017
Can upstart European contenders unseat Soylent?
"I asked Julian Hearn, founder of the UK-based Huel (pronounced like fuel) to what degree cultural preferences guide Europeans’ willingness to try nutritionally “complete” powders and shakes."

Fitness & Beauty Professional - 30th May 2017
Huel Flavour Boosts
"Offering consumers a nutritionally complete meal in powder form as well as on-go-bars that contain all the proteins, carbs and fats you need, Huel are market leaders in meal replacements and recognised for launching new and innovative products to the UK market."

Forbes - 27th May 2017
The Best Health Tech 2017: Gadgets That Make You Fit And Healthy
"Okay so it’s not strictly a health “gadget”, but plenty of technology went into making Huel a thing."

Spectator Health - 11th May 2017
Is a beige gloop called Huel the future of food?
"Before long, I was able to consume a full portion without much thought, feeling a near immediate boost in energy. I also found that the mild vanilla flavour became something of a treat as it started to be associated with the coming energy kick."

InTouch Rugby - 2nd May 2017
Huel’s latest nutritionally complete product, the Huel bar contains all 26 essential vitamins and minerals you need on a daily basis
"With each bar containing 15.7g of protein, these are essential in helping your body recover properly."

April 2017

Financial Times - 25th April 2017
Liquid lunches — with pea protein
"I am now on the verge of becoming a fan of Huel and its like. In a way, it is a brilliant reimagining of what would once have been called “invalid food”."

Healthista - 23rd April 2017
9 things you need to run a marathon
"In combination with Healthista protein powder I’ve been adding a scoop of Huel to my pre or post workout porridge. It contains everything you need to make a complete meal – the carbs, protein, fat, vitamins, minerals and everything in between."

InTouch Rugby - 21st April 2017
Post marathon essentials to help speed up muscle recovery
"Being high in fibre and high in protein, these [Huel] bars are essential in helping speed up recovery after long endurance exercise."

March 2017

Forbes - 31st March 2017
The Best Health Tech 2017: Gadgets To Keep You Fit And Healthy
"It’s made from real food such as milled down oats which are high in fibre, releasing energy slowly to prevent snacking in-between meals."

Women's Fitness - 7th March 2017
#fit - The kit, gear and accessories we can't get enough of this month
"Huel - which is...made from real food such as oats, flaxseed and coconut - is packed with protein and works well in dishes such as pancakes."

50Connect - 3rd March 2017
Nutrient rich bread
"Add a nutritional punch to your weekend breakfast with bread that contains all the proteins, carbs, and fats your body needs."

Sportsister - 3rd March 2017
Nutrition: Sportsister Loves Huel
"Huel is not designed specifically for sport, but this week I tried it after my 18 mile run... it tasted good, was easy on my stomach and prevented me feeling ill from depletion."

February 2017

Notebook Magazine - 20th February 2017
3 food innovations we've tried this week
"Huel bars, £12 for 5,, mean you'll never need to worry about eating again."

Climb Magazine - 20th February 2017
Five Top Tips for Mountain Nutrition
"Using a liquid meal, high calorie soup or sports drink can pack a double punch of providing a fluid source plus energy. Huel and Peronin do good versions of these."

Natural Health - 9th February 2017
The superfood hotlist
"These nutritionally complete bars contain all 26 essential vitamins and minerals".

Financial Times - 2nd February 2017
How to diet: don't try too hard
"But my projects for flawless eating would start with carrots and hope before ending, a few days later, in pastries and despair."

January 2017

Men's Fitness - 24th January 2017
Convenient Food
"It adds phytonutrients to its plant-rich base mix, including powerful antioxidants like lycopene and lutein."

InTouch Rugby - 16th January 2017
Huel, Coined the future of food is a nutritionally complete powdered food containing all the proteins, carbs, and fats you need + 100% of the 26 recommended daily vitamins !
"Huel offers people a convenient way of ensuring you are getting all the nutrients you need if you are running short of time."

Metro - 13th January 2017
Living off powdered food for a week is as fun as it sounds
"Huel is definitely convenient and time-saving – no more walking around M&S before work deciding which pastry to have for breakfast. No more throwing £5 away on Whole Foods salads."

Daily Star - 8th January 2017
Gemma Atkinson Shape-up

Mr Porter - 5th January 2017
Arrival of the fittest
"We speak to the web millionaire behind a space-age powder that he says spells the end of food as we know it".

The Register - 4th January 2017
My fortnight eating Blighty's own human fart-powder
"I have entered a genuine period of shock and surprise, as not only am I sleeping and generally functioning better, but the improvements have been noticed by some of the people around me."

December 2016

BBC World News - 15th December 2016
BBC Business Live

November 2016

Mountain Bike Rider - 28th October 2016
Stop eating food and eat designer dust instead?
"Fast food is usually seen as unhealthy, but here we have a meal ready in less than a minute. And apart from being fast, it’s claimed to be good for you too."

October 2016

Natural Health - 17th October 2016
The Superfood Hotlist
"Fill your basket with these healthy eating must-haves".

Daily Mail - 5th October 2016
Full Body Huel
"Fully vegan, makers say if one were to consume nothing apart from your required dose of Huel and water, requirements for all essential nutrients would be met. Woah."

September 2016

Gadget Magazine - 22nd September 2016
"When you have an important essay that's overdue or an exam to cram for, eating healthy can fall by the wayside."

TANK Magazine - 19th September 2016 (Autumn edition) 
Food of the future: what became of the dream of a meal in a pill? Bee Wilson traces the strange legacies of the meal replacement, from early feminist fantasy to contemporary Silicon Valley reality
"Spacemen crave the old-fashioned food of an actual kitchen... back on earth, many people no longer even aspire to such pleasures."

NewStatesman - 15th September 2016
A list of ways our society is already like Pixar’s dystopia in WALL·E
"Future food is already here, with Huel, a powdered food replacement, gaining popularity this year."

Pause Online - 2nd September 2016
The pause guide to men's fitness 
"Exhausted after a days work? Too busy to grab breakfast in the morning? We’ve used Huel in both these occasions and it’s quickly become a staple saviour for a hectic life."

August 2016

Netdoctor - 25th August 2016
Are powdered meal replacements the future of food? 
" I can also see that many people struggle to make healthy choices about what to eat. There are several reasons for this ranging from being overwhelmed by dietary advice, lack of time or limited choices. Powders make it easier to follow a specific or elaborate food plan and thus in such cases food replacement might be helpful."

Look Online - 24th August 2016
Everything you need to know about these *Awesome* Breakfast Replacement Shakes 
"Breakfast is supposedly the most important meal of the day but who said it has to be a soggy bowl of cereal and a banana. Nobody should control your breakfast destiny."

LS:N Global - 23rd August 2016
Meet the disruptors: Huel 
"Many people who eat regular food tend to miss out on vital nutrients, despite an attempt at a balanced diet. Huel offers everything the human body needs in simple, powdered form."

ELLE - 5th August 2016
ELLE Team Trials: We Attempt A Day Of Meal Replacement HUEL Drinks
"But when the ELLE team were sent sachets of Huel, the latest meal replacement 'mixed from a carefully chosen blend of oats, pea protein, brown rice protein, flaxseed, MCTs from Coconut, sunflower lecithin, a bespoke vitamin and mineral blend, vanilla flavour and a sweetener' we had to give it a try."

July 2016

The Guardian/Observer - 31st July 2016
Could you stomach Huel, the food of the future?
“It’s super good. I kind of even like the taste. It’s very oaty. It’s like having porridge or similar."

SLOAN! Magazine - 31st July 2016
SLOAN! Fab Five for Men
"Another world first, Huel human food powder is a revolutionary new product, created by Julian Hearn." 

March 2016

Coach Magazine - 2nd March 2016
Is Huel the Future of Food?
"Huel can provide a worry- and work-free meal, and can support almost any lifestyle."

February 2016

Telegraph - 9th February 2016
Is powdered food the future? Huel put to the test
"Not eating felt strange — I feel cheated if I just eat soup for a meal — but I went to bed feeling satisfied and with no ill effects. Ordinarily, I eat very healthy food, so notice when I’ve consumed any kind of junk — but not with Huel, despite feeling rather squeamish when I looked at the label."

January 2016

Forbes - 11th January 2016
How To Hack Your Brain Using Technology And Make Your 2016 Awesome
"It’s surprisingly tasty and definitely filling. Use it to make a quick breakfast (you can also make it into pancakes)"

December 2015

Guardian - 17th December 2015
Is powdered food an eco-dream or just weird?
"The current strategies designed to improve health are wrong. They focus on getting people to look at food labels and this can be misleading – it leads to [purchases] based on low fat content for example, rather than what will provide the best nutrition"

November 2015

CNN Live News - 13th November 2015
Can powdered food replace real food? (Click on the image below to watch)

October 2015

Gymtalk - 21st October 2015

Huel Powdered Food Review

September 2015

Metro - 9 September 2015
You can earn £35,000 by not eating anything (except beige liquid) for a year

Healthy Food Guide - September 2015
Are powdered supplements a healthy substitute for food?

Daily Mail - 27th August 2015
The great VAT mystery: Confusing rules mean healthy items such as raisins have food tax while chocolate cake does not (but do YOU know which ones have added cost?)

Men's Fitness - September 2015 Print Edition
Is this the future of food?

Your Healthy Living - August Edition 2015 (Print edition)
Meal skipping becoming more common

July 2015

International Business Times - 14th July
Living on liquid meals Ambronite, Huel and Soylent - the future of food or a forgettable fad? Click to image below to watch the video


BBC Radio 4 "You and Yours" consumer affairs programme - 10th July


June 2015

The Times - 29th June
Vegan shake that promises to replace meals for ever

The Mail on Sunday - 28th June
The 'Matrix diet': British investor creates sci-fi-style superfood... just drink four pints a day and you need consume nothing else

Red - 26th June
Is this what the future of food looks like?

The Drinks Business - 24th June
Is powder the future of Food?

Cycling Weekly - 23rd June 
Tired of eating real food? Huel claims to provide nutritionally-complete powder - 23rd June 
Huel launches powdered food to replace diets as we know them - 23rd June
This powder could replace food and provide 100% of an adult's daily nutrient

The Grocer - 23rd June
'Nutritionally complete' powder can replace food, says entrepreneur - 23rd June 
Nutritionally-complete powder launches on UK market - 23rd June
Soylent Has Competition and the Marketing Is Gonna Get Weird



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