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  • Huel Bundles

    From $65.00

    • Free T-shirt, Pot and Shaker with selected products for new customers

    • Build your own bundle, or choose a preselected mix of our most popular products

    • Find your new favorite

    • Flexible plan - cancel anytime

  • Huel Ready-to-drink

    From $50.50

    • Free T-shirt for new customers

    • Ideal for on-the-go lunches

    • Smoothest texture

    • A complete meal in a bottle

    • Gluten-free

  • Huel Daily Greens

    From $45.00

    • Free T-shirt and Greens bottle for new customers

    • All the nutrients your body needs, in one daily drink

    • 91 ingredients – more than other greens powders

    • Easy to fit greens into your daily routine

  • Huel Complete Protein Bar

    From $58.34

    • Free T-shirt for new customers

    • Enrobed in a cocoa coating

    • Up to 20g plant-based protein

    • 200 calories: perfect for snacking

  • Huel Black Edition

    From $85.00

    • Free T-shirt and shaker for new customers

    • 50% less carbs than Powder v3.0

    • 33% more protein than Powder v3.0

    • No artificial sweeteners

    • Gluten-free

  • Huel Instant Meals

    From $67.08

    • Free T-shirt and pot for new customers

    • Hot and tasty meal

    • Delicious whole ingredients

    • 24g plant-based protein

    • High fiber

  • Huel Powder v3.0

    From $75.00

    • Free T-shirt and shaker for new customers

    • Our original powder

    • Less than 1% sugar

    • 30g plant-based protein

  • Huel Complete Protein

    From $65.00

    • Free T-shirt and shaker for new customers

    • 20g plant-based protein

    • More EAAs per gram than whey protein

    • 110 calories

  • Huel Essential

    From $67.00

    • Free shaker for new customers

    • Lowest price per meal

    • More meals per pouch

    • 20g plant-based protein

  • Huel Gluten-free v3.0

    From $85.00

    • Free T-shirt and shaker for new customers

    • Suitable for coeliacs

    • New smoother texture

    • Less than 1% sugar

  • Huel Bar v3.1

    From $63.00

    • Free T-shirt for new customers

    • 200kcal: perfect for snacking

    • Available in 6 flavors

    • With vegan chocolate chips

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