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Natural Cocoa Huel Bar v1.1 (Gluten-free)

Natural Cocoa Huel Bar v1.1 (Gluten-free)
Natural Cocoa Huel Bar v1.1 (Gluten-free) Natural Cocoa Huel Bar v1.1 (Gluten-free) Natural Cocoa Huel Bar v1.1 (Gluten-free) Natural Cocoa Huel Bar v1.1 (Gluten-free) Natural Cocoa Huel Bar v1.1 (Gluten-free) Natural Cocoa Huel Bar v1.1 (Gluten-free)

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The new Huel Bar is our latest nutritionally complete product. The bars have been formulated by the same Registered Nutritionist who brought you Huel, so you can be confident you're consuming quality nutrition. Whether you're on the go, in a rush, having a meal or fancy a snack, Huel Bars are a convenient and tasty complement to Huel Powder.

The bar contains a balance of protein, essential fats, carbs, fibre, phytonutrients, and all 26 essential vitamins and minerals. The macro split is 41:22:25:12 i.e. 41% of the energy comes from carbohydrates, 22% from fats, 25% from proteins and 12% from fibre.

Huel Bars are gluten-free. You can view the test results here.

Huel Bar Benefits:

  • Balanced protein, essential fats and carbs
  • Contains all 26 essential vitamins and minerals
  • Gluten-free
  • 100% Vegan
  • High in protein 
  • High in fibre
  • Comparatively low in sugar (Huel bar is 13.1% sugar by energy, whereas a Nakd Caffe Mocha bar is 51% sugar by energy, as at the 23rd Dec 2016)
  • Includes phytonutrients
  • 250 calories
  • From £1.44 per bar (£1.29 on subscription)

     Read more information on the Huel Bar formula.

    To transfer the nutritional goodness of our Huel Powder, some notable changes had to be made to make Huel solid. The glucose syrup and soluble fibre that keeps the bar bound together, raise the overall sugar and can produce laxative effects in excessive consumption. For this reason we encourage Huelers to use the bar to complement their meals rather than as a sole source of nutrition.

    You don't receive a free t-shirt and shaker with your first order of Huel bars. You will receive these on your first order of 28 meals or more of the Huel Powder.

    Pack sizes:

    • 5 bars = cost per bar is £2.40 (£2.16 on subscription)
    • 16 bars = cost per bar is £2.19 (£1.97 on subscription)
    • 32 bars = cost per bar is £1.72 (£1.55 on subscription)
    • 48 bars = cost per bar is £1.56 (£1.41 on subscription)
    • 64 bars = cost per bar is £1.48 (£1.34 on subscription)
    • 80 bars = cost per bar is £1.44 (£1.29 on subscription)


      Huel Bars are a carefully crafted blend of gluten-free oats, peas, rice, flaxseed, coconut and sunflower, with a few extra ingredients to bind the bars together to stop them from being too dry. See the nutritional label below:

      Huel Bar v1.1

      Huel bars are made in a factory that also handles nuts, peanuts, sesame seeds, milk, egg and soya. 

      Vitamin Angels

      Huel is proud to say that we will be donating the equivalent of giving 32,000 children enough vitamin A for an entire year. A proportion of every sale we make will go directly to Vitamin Angels to aid this fantastic cause.

      Customer Testimonials

       Daniel - Source: Twitter

      "Just consumed my first ever @gethuel bar. Tasty and filling enough that I might not even need lunch now..."

      Raj - Source: Twitter

      "@gethuel your cocoa flavoured bars are delicious! I'd eat more than one if they didn't do such a brilliant job of filling me up! 😋😍"

      Tomasz - Source: Twitter

      "Finally I've got a @gethuel bar and it tastes great! 👌👏"

      Ben - Source: Twitter

      "Tried the new @gethuel bars. Highly recommended for when on the go. All the usual nutritional values in tasty chocolate bar. 👍🏼"

      Ali - Source: Facebook

      "I had it as my snack in work & it saw me through till lunch time! Felt better that I hadn't snacked on crisps & rubbish! I also think these will be great for chucking in a rucksack when going walking/climbing because they are so convenient."

      William Lannen - Source: Twitter

      "@gethuel just had my first bar. Loved it - great texture and natural taste, and very filling for 250cals 👌👌"

      Delivery information - see full delivery info here

      For orders of 16 bars or more, next working day delivery is FREE to UK mainland addresses (excluding the Scottish Highlands) if ordered before 3pm. Orders of 5 bar boxes are sent via Royal Mail 1st Class Post so may take up to 5 days for the UK mainland with same day dispatch if you order before 3pm. We don't pick and pack at the weekend, so if you order then it will be picked and packed on Monday and delivered on Tuesday.

      5 Bar delivery prices in all of Europe

      • One 5 Huel Bar box = £4.55

      For the rest of the world, 5 Bar delivery cost:

      • One 5 Huel Bar box = £7.50

      Costs for countries 16 or more Huel Bars in Europe:

      • Belgium: 0.75kg to 30kg = £5 (2 days)
      • Bosnia and Herzegovina: 0.75kg to 30kg = £23 (4-6 days)
      • Bulgaria: 0.75kg to 30kg = £18 (4-7 days)
      • Croatia: 0.75kg to 30kg = £15 (4-6 days)
      • Czech Republic: 0.75kg to 30kg = £8 (3-4 days)
      • Denmark: 0.75kg to 30kg = £7 (3 days)
      • Estonia: 0.75kg to 30kg = £12 (4-5 days)
      • Finland: 0.75kg to 30kg = £12 (4-5 days)
      • France: 0.75kg to 30kg = £5 (2-3 days)
      • Greece: 0.75kg to 30kg = £18 (4-9 days)
      • Hungary: 0.75kg to 30kg = £8 (4-5 days)
      • Iceland: 0.75kg to 30kg = £25 (4-6 days)
      • Ireland (Republic): 0kg to 10kg = £10 (4-6 days)
      • Ireland (Republic): 11kg to 16kg = £16 (4-6 days)
      • Italy: 0.75kg to 30kg = £8 (3-4 days)
      • Latvia: 0.75kg to 30kg = £12 (4-6 days)
      • Lithuania: 0.75kg to 30kg = £12 (4-6 days)
      • Luxembourg - 0.75kg to 30kg = £5 (2 days)
      • Malta: 0.75kg to 5kg = £44 (4-9 days)*
      • Netherlands: 0.75kg to 30kg = £5 (2 days)
      • Poland: 0.75kg to 30kg = £6 (4-5 days)
      • Portugal: 0.75kg to 30kg = £12 (4-5 days)
      • Romania: 0.75kg to 30kg = £15 (4-6 days)
      • Serbia: 0.75kg to 30kg = £23 (4-7 days)
      • Slovakia: 0.75kg to 30kg = £9 (3-4 days)
      • Slovenia: 0.75kg to 30kg = £9 (4-5 days)
      • Spain: 0.75kg to 30kg = £8 (3-4 days) **
      • Sweden: 0.75kg to 30kg = £9 (4-5 days)
      • Switzerland: 0.75kg to 30kg = £32 (3 days)

        * Thanks for the tip from Phillip Eaton Richards, who found a much cheaper way to ship to Malta. Use this link:

        And the figures below (amount of Huel, weight) to get it for a much cheaper price:

        5 bar boxes - 0.42kg
        16 bar boxes - 1.32kg
        32 bar boxes - 2.6kg
        48 bar boxes - 4kg

        **The Spanish Balearic Islands suffer an out of area surcharge, so will cost £22 instead.

        Delivery costs for 16 or more Huel Bars outside of Europe:

        The countries outside of Europe, listed below, that we currently deliver to fall into different bands of how much it will cost to ship Huel. We ship in weight groups of 0.5kg to 5kg, 5.1kg to 8kg and 8.1kg to 15.5kg. This means that in some instances, you can add more products to your order, such as Huel powder or additional flavour pouches (150 grams), and not pay additional shipping costs. More countries will be added to this list soon.



        0.5kg to 5kg

        Between 10 and 64 bars

        5.1kg to 8kg

        96 bars

        8.1kg to 15.5kg

        Between 128 and 224 bars


        Zone 5       




        • Ukraine

        Zone 7




        • Mexico

        Zone 8




        • China
        • Hong Kong
        • India
        • Japan
        • Singapore
        • South Korea
        • United Arab Emirates

        Zone 9




        • Kuwait
        • New Zealand
        • Qatar
        • Saudi Arabia
        • South Africa

        Zone 10




        • Barbados
        • Cayman Islands

        For the USA you can now buy Huel from our US site. Sorry but we don't currently ship to Canada, but it's in the pipeline. If you want to be notified once shipping to Canada is ready, you can sign up to our mailing list here

        If you would like shipping to any other country please contact us first and we will do our best to help you.

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