Reusable Huel Hot & Savory Pot



Take your favorite Huel Hot & Savory flavor on the road with the Reusable Huel Hot & Savory Pot! Made from BPA-free plastic, this super-practical pot allows you to mix Huel Hot & Savory whenever you don’t have a bowl to hand – simply add two level scoops to your pot, fill with boiling water to the line inside, stir thoroughly and cover loosely with the pot’s sturdy lid. 

Caution: Hot contents! Do not shake. Do not screw on the lid if using the Huel pot in the microwave.

Details & Features

  • BPA-free
  • Screw-top lid
  • Matte black finish, with embossed matte Huel branding
  • Holds up to 450ml liquid
  • Internal measuring line
  • Robust, heatproof design
  • Dishwasher friendly

How to Use

  1. Ensure Huel Hot & Savory pouch contents are mixed thoroughly
  2. Add two level scoops of Huel Hot & Savoury to your pot
  3. Fill to inside line with boiling water
  4. Stir thoroughly
  5. Cover with lid and leave for five minutes before eating

Caution: Hot contents! Do not shake. Do not screw on the lid if using the Huel pot in the microwave.

Please note: do not transport prepared Hot & Savory or boiling water in your pot.

    About the manufacturer

    Our pots are made by Buchsteiner in Germany. They only use the highest quality raw materials that comply with all regulations regarding food contact, and are certified by independent laboratories.

    Delivery information

    For information on deliveries please see our delivery page here or for further information, contact us and we will do our best to help you.

    More questions?

    If you have more questions, checkout our FAQ page, or visit Huel's forum where you can search for similar questions or post your own.

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