Product Questions

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What is Huel?

Quite simply, Huel is nutritionally complete, convenient, affordable food with minimal impact on animals and the environment. It provides you with all the carbohydrates, protein, fats, fiber and all 27 essential micronutrients your body needs to thrive. Read more about us here.

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What does Huel taste like?

Huel has many different tastes depending on the product you try or the flavor of the product you try. Though generally speaking, Huel Powder v3.0 has a delicious oaty flavor whereas Huel Hot & Savory has a more “non sweet” savory taste as the name suggests. For more specific information on Huel product flavors, check out the flavor descriptors on each product page.

We think all Huel products taste great. But don’t just take our word for it, listen to what our customers have to say by clicking here.

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Is Huel a weight loss product?

Huel has not been designed as a weight loss product but can be used as part of a fat loss diet. The key point to note for fat loss is to be in a calorie deficit over time; therefore you could eat less calories than the body uses to function per day, or by expending more calories via activity and exercise. Huel can help because it’s easy to track your calorie intake, provides complex carbohydrates and essential fats, whilst being high in fiber and protein which can help to keep you satiated between meals.

Click here to read an article about fat loss.

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Is Huel Gluten-free?

Huel Hot & Savory - Yes! It’s made using gluten-free ingredients

Huel Powder - Not all Huel Powder is gluten-free, only the Huel Gluten-free range is made using gluten-free oats.

Huel Black Edition - Yes! It’s naturally gluten-free.

Huel Ready-to-drink - Yes! It’s made using gluten-free oat powder.

Huel Bar - Yes! They’re made using gluten-free oats.

Huel Complete Protein - Yes! It’s naturally gluten-free

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Does Huel contain any allergens?

Huel Hot & Savoury - Contains tree nuts (coconut).
Huel Powder - Contains tree nuts (coconut). Peanut Butter contains peanuts.
Huel Gluten-free - Contains tree nuts (coconut).
Huel Black Edition - Contains tree nuts (coconut). Peanut Butter contains peanuts.
Huel Ready-to-drink - Contains tree nuts (coconut).
Huel Bar - May contain mustard. This product is made on equipment that also handles tree nuts & peanuts. 

If you have a specific allergy that is outside of the information provided, please contact us directly and we will do our best to guide you on which products are suitable.

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Is Huel Vegan?

Yes, Huel is vegan! There are no animal products in any of our product ranges.

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Is Huel Organic?

No, Huel isn’t organic. We don’t create an organic version of our products for a couple of reasons. One of them is cost. Organic ingredients are far more expensive, and this doesn’t fit in with our mission to provide universally affordable, nutritionally complete food.

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Is Huel GMO-free?

We state 'GMO-free' on the website because it's important to some consumers, whether you share the same view is another matter. In the US there are genetically modified corn, canola, and flaxseed varieties that are approved for use in foods, but we feel they offer no benefits for Huel in terms of cost, consumer acceptability and several other factors. Therefore, Huel is GMO-free.

Concerns about GMOs should be made on an individual crop and technology basis, and it's important to read a variety of scientific sources to develop a better overall view of GMOs.

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What is the Huel Sustainable Nutrition report?

The sustainable nutrition report is an assessment of Huel's performance in relation to its commitment to produce nutritionally complete food while incurring minimal environmental impact. The analysis focuses on the way we eat and the implications this has on both our health and the environment.

Read our 2020 Sustainable Nutrition Report here.

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What is sustainable nutrition?

Sustainable Nutrition is food that provides essential nutrients in proportions that contribute to good health, is affordable, and produced with minimal impact on the environment to protect biodiversity, ecosystems and communities both for now and for future generations.

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Are Huel ingredients sustainable?

Like a lot of new and smaller businesses, we don’t own the farms that grow our ingredients or the factories that blend and package them. We buy our ingredients from intermediary companies who process the raw ingredients into powders.

It is really important to us that we only work with suppliers and manufacturing partners that share the same values and goals as we do. So we have done our homework.

The includes annual risk assessments for all the countries we source ingredients from and self-assessment questionnaires for supplies on their approach to the protection of human rights and the environment within their own organisation and supply chain. Huel are also members of the Supplier Ethical Data Exchange (Sedex).

We want all our suppliers to meet an internationally recognised sustainability standard and help us to continuously reduce our carbon footprint. And as we get to know our ingredient suppliers better, we hope to work in partnership to increase productivity and resource efficiency whilst also protecting their livelihoods, working conditions and the environment.

Order and Shipping Questions

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When will I receive my order?

Orders are typically delivered within 2-5 business days. In some cases, deliveries may take longer due to extra safety precautions in our fulfillment center and carrier transportation delays. Please be assured that our team is working hard to get your order to you as quickly as possible. We apologize for any inconvenience and greatly appreciate your patience.

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Can I amend or cancel my order?

We work quickly to pick and pack your items. Unfortunately, this means your order can't be amended. This includes swapping products or changing payment methods.

However we can attempt, but cannot guarantee, the cancellation of your order if the request is in good time after the charge has gone through. You can always return any unwanted orders to us for a refund.

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Can I return my order?

Yes! Any unopened items (Boxes - Ready-to-drink and Flavor Boost Sample Set. Pouches - Hot & Savory, Powder and Flavor Boosts) can be returned to us within 30 days of delivery for a refund. Take a look at our Returns Policy for more information.

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How can I track my delivery?

You will get a shipping confirmation email when your order has been picked up by our carrier usually within a day or two after your order confirmation email is received. You will be able to view your tracking by following the link provided in the email.

Alternatively you can check your tracking updates by logging onto your account area on the Huel site!

If you would like the tracking confirmed or it doesn’t seem clear, then please get in touch with your order number, as we’d be more than happy to take a look for you.

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Do you deliver to Army Post Office/ British Forces Post Office?

We deliver to all military addresses via USPS. Some orders may still be received within 3-5 business days, however, it could take up to 14 days depending on your location.

Diet and Medical Questions

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Can Huel help me gain or lose weight?

Absolutely! To lose 1lb of fat, you need to consume 500 calories less than you need per day, and to gain 1lb of fat, you should eat 500 calories more. Huel is a great way to accurately calculate your calorie intake whilst making sure you’re not compromising on nutrition. Take a look at our Guide to Fat Loss or Guide to Gaining Weight to get started.

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Aren't liquid diets bad for you?

The skepticism of liquid diets is often due to lack of chewing (therefore leading to incomplete digestion). Digestion does begin with chewing; it starts the breakdown of solid food to increase the surface area.

However, with liquid diets this has already been done for you. Huel has fine milled oats as the carb source and these are a lot easier to break down further than whole oats. Also, peristalsis remains active throughout the alimentary canal, as we’ve addressed this with good levels of soluble and insoluble fibers in Huel.

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Can Huel be used if I have diabetes?

Yes, all Huel products are suitable for both type 1 and type 2 diabetics, but we suggest limiting Huel Bars to one per day. Huel Hot & Savory, Ready-to-drink and all Powder products can be consumed freely.

Our products are made from oats and are high in fiber. As with all food, if you're using medication to help control your diabetes, you should structure your intake of Huel appropriately. Huel Powder and Ready-to-drink are low in sugar, have a low-GI and you can accurately measure the amount of carbohydrate you're consuming each meal; this may be useful depending on what medication or insulin regimen you're following.

The contribution of total energy intake that comes from carbohydrate is between 35% and 42% – depending on the Huel product – levels that tie in well with American Diabetes Association recommendations. Indeed, for diabetics who count their carbs to help manage their blood glucose levels (as detailed on the American Diabetes Association website), please look at the Nutrition information of Huel; for example, a 2 scoop meal of Huel Powder provides 46g of carbohydrate.

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Can I consume Huel if I've had esophageal or stomach surgery?

If you've had surgery on your esophagus or stomach which has resulted in partial or total removal, you can still benefit from having Huel Hot & Savory, Powder and Ready-to-drink. Follow the guidance you've been given as you would for other foods. One symptom you should have been made aware of from medical staff is dumping syndrome. This is where the transit time for food will be a lot quicker and could cause rebound hypoglycemia (low blood sugar levels). The ingredients in Huel Powder and Ready-to-drink are low-GI and are ideal to reduce the risk of dumping syndrome. However, to be cautious, we recommend you keep your servings smaller and spread throughout the day. Obviously this depends on your requirements and if you're consuming Huel for 100% of your nutrition. If you’re having 100% Huel, we suggest you work up to this level over 1-2 weeks rather than going straight to a 100% intake.

Some gastrointestinal surgery can result in reduced absorption and increased requirements for certain nutrients, so we recommend you discuss Huel with your clinical staff before making it a regular part of your diet.

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Can Huel be used if I'm pregnant/breastfeeding?

Absolutely. All Huel products are fine to have during pregnancy, but should be limited to one serving per day as there are different nutritional requirements during this period.

Mothers are told not to have too much vitamin A, nor to use vitamin A supplements during pregnancy. The amount of vitamin A in Huel meets the U.S recommended intake requirement and is lower than typical intakes of people who consume a varied diet, and far lower than levels that have been shown to be safe during pregnancy.

There are no ingredients in any of our products that are bad for nursing/lactating mothers, and they all should be fine to consume. However, we suggest you discuss this with your doctor or midwife in case there are any clinically-specific reasons why they wouldn’t be suitable.

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Can I consume Huel if I have diverticular disease?

Consuming Huel Powder, Huel Ready-to-drink and Huel Bars may be okay if your diverticular disease is in remission, but we do advise caution. If you're in an active diverticulitis phase, the ground flaxseed may get caught up in diverticular pockets and cause irritation, so we suggest avoiding Huel products. Please note, Huel Hot and Savory is not suitable if you have diverticulosis (both in remission and active).

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Can children use Huel?

Yes. Huel is safe for children above 4 years of age to include in moderation as part of a balanced, varied diet, but please give our Children, Adolescents and Huel guide a read. Huel is not suitable for babies or infants below or during weaning age as there are different nutritional requirements for this age group.

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I suffer from Histamine Intolerance. Can I have Huel?

Huel products contain proteins derived from pea. Whilst peas may be high in histamine in their natural form, Huel uses a pea protein isolate and almost everything else, including histamine, is removed in the process. Huel Powder is therefore low histamine. One note regarding our Coffee Caramel Huel Black Edition. This flavor also contains less than 0.5 mg of histamine per serving.

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Is Huel suitable for irritable bowel syndrome (IBS)?

Huel powders (v3.0, Black Edition and Complete Protein) can be a suitable food option for an individual who has IBS as it is low FODMAP. However, we recommend that you start with half a serving (one scoop) and see how you tolerate it due to the fiber content. Additionally, as quantity is also important to take into consideration with IBS and FODMAPs, some people may wish to limit their intake to no more than 2 scoops per serving.

Of note, Huel Hot and Savory, Huel Ready to Drink, and Huel Bars are not low FODMAP so they may not be suitable for some people who have IBS.

Nutritional Questions

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Are the vitamins and minerals in Huel absorbed into the body?

Yes! The vitamin and mineral blend in our Huel products is included to bump up the vitamins and minerals that aren't there in sufficient amounts. Some vitamin and mineral supplements aren't absorbed well, but this is due to the contents of the pill, or the form of the micronutrient used in the blend. All forms used in the Huel vitamin and mineral blend are readily absorbed to provide adequate nutrition. Read more about the Vitamins and Minerals in Huel.

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Why sucralose?

Some people don’t like the inclusion of sucralose in our Huel products as it’s an artificial sweetener. We use sucralose for a number of reasons:

  1. It doesn’t add any calories or carbohydrates which means the nutritional value of our products are protected
  2. It’s a much healthier option than many other sweeteners
  3. We only have to use a tiny amount as it’s 600 times sweeter than sugar

We do offer an Unflavored & Unsweetened Huel Powder v3.0 which doesn't contain any sucralose, and Huel Black Edition contains all-natural sweeteners.

Hot & Savory doesn't contain any sweetener.

Read more about sucralose in our Guide to Sucralose.

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Is the vegan protein in Huel as good as animal based protein?

Yes. Our combination of different protein sources in our Huel products means they have a perfect Protein Digestibility-Corrected Amino Acid Score (PDCAAS) of 1.0. This is the same score as other animal based proteins, and more than enough to ensure all amino acids are supplied and that the protein in Huel Powder has high bioavailability. Read more about protein in our Guide to Protein, Digestion and Absorption.

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What is the Glycemic Index (GI) of Huel?

Huel Hot & Savory has a GI of:
Tomato & Herb - 23
Thai Green Curry - 19
Mexican Chilli - 31
Additional flavors are due back soon.

Huel Powder has a GI of 16.

Huel Black Edition has a GI of 19.

Huel Ready-to-drink has a GI of 25.

Huel Bars v3.1 have a GI of 36.

Read our article about the Glycemic Index.

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Is Huel low FODMAP?

Huel Powder v3.0 and Black Edition are low FODMAP.

Huel Hot & Savory, Huel Ready-to-drink, Huel Bars, and Huel Complete Protein aren’t low FODMAP.

Read more about FODMAPs here.

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