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Huel subscriptions are completely flexible. You can skip deliveries, update your delivery address, cancel your order, or perform a multitude of other actions with your subscription at any time. On this page we've created a how-to guide to show you how to perform the many functionalities you get with your Huel subscription order. The majority of these functions can be performed in the Manage Subscriptions section of our website. All images on this page can be clicked to provide a close up.

Creating your subscription

Creating Huel subscriptions is incredibly simple. First, visit the Huel product page, by either clicking "Buy Huel" at the top of the Huel website, or following this link:

After this, select the amount of Huel you want to purchase, for example, 28 meals worth. Choose what you want your split of Huel to be, for example, 1 bag of Vanilla Huel and 1 bag of Unflavoured and Unsweetened, by sliding the scale to your preferred mix of Huel.

After this, click "Subscribe and Save" to select your order to be a subscription service. A box will appear in which you can select the frequency of your Huel. For example, you can have your Huel delivered every 3 weeks. Finally, click the blue "add to basket" button to add your order to your basket to purchase.

At the basket page, if this is your first order, you can receive a free t-shirt and shaker. Click the check box to confirm this is your first order, then select your t-shirt size from the drop down menu.

Clicking add will update your page, including the free t-shirt and shaker with your order. In the box below, add any special requests you have, such as asking for an extra scoop. Click checkout afterwards to enter your deliver and billing information, where you can also add any discount codes you may have.

Creating your account

To manage your subscriptions, you need to have an account with us to access them from. You can get one of these by clicking the human shaped icon in the top right hand corner of the website, or following this link:

Simply click the word "register" in the blue box on this page. Then enter your name and the email address you used to create the subscription, choose a password and click blue "register" button company again. This will cause a message to appear, saying:

"We have sent an email to, please click the link included to verify your email address."

Once you have clicked the link in the email we sent you, your account will be successfully created.

Getting to the Manage Subscription page

If you want to get to the Manage Subscription page, the first way to do so is by clicking the link in the emails we send with your orders. The second way is by logging into your account page, which you can access by clicking the human logo in the top right hand side of the Huel website, and clicking Manage Subscription. The final way is to click the link below, or copy it into your browser:

Changing the frequency of your orders

You can change how often you want your Huel to be delivered at any time. Simply log into the Manage Subscription page, and select the blue text under the words "Frequency". This may say for example "Every 1 Month(s)". You can select the frequency in weeks or months, and can have a gap of up to 10 months between orders. Click the blue update button once you've chosen to update the frequency of your orders.

Pausing your Huel

You can pause your subscription of Huel at any time (other than the dispatch date) by choosing to "skip shipments" in the Manage Subscription page. Simply select the blue "Manage" button to the right of the page to open the drop down menu:

And then select the "Upcoming Orders" option. On this page, pick the order you want to skip, and select the skip shipment button. A popup may appear asking to confirm if you want to skip this order. Click OK, and that order will no longer be delivered to you. You can resume the shipments at any time. 


Updating your address

To update where your Huel will be delivered, simply go to the Manage Subscription page on our website, which you can get to via your account page. After this, click the blue "Manage" button, and select the "Update Address" option. Enter your new address, click update and your Huel will be sent to this address for all future dispatches.

Updating your card details

If your credit or debit card information is ever altered, you will need to update it on the Huel website or your Huel won't be able to be dispatched. To do this, visit the Manage Subscription page, which you can get to via your account page. After this, click the blue "Manage" button, and select the "View/Update Card" option. Select the button that states "click here to update Credit Card" and enter your new card details. Once you've done this, click update, and this card will be charged for future subscription purchases.

Dispatching your Huel immediately

Sometimes you use up more Huel than you were anticipating, or need an immediate supply of Huel. To have your subscription shipped immediately, visit the Manage Subscription page, which you can access via your account page. Then select the blue "Manage" button on the right hand side and click the "Ship Now" option. This will open up a pop up box. Select OK, and your order will be dispatched as soon as it can. It can take up to 24 hours for your order to be processed after selecting ship now, and selecting this option will change your future shipping dates to correspond with your new order.

Upcoming orders

If you ever want to see when your next order is due, visit the Manage Subscription page, which you can access via account page. Then select the blue "Manage" button on the right hand side and click the "Upcoming Orders" option. This will create a drop down with the dates of your upcoming orders.

Cancelling your subscription

If you ever wish to cancel your subscription, visit the Manage Subscription page, which you can access via account page. Then select the blue "Manage" button on the right hand side and click the "Delete Order" option. This will open up a pop up box, asking you to confirm you want to delete your subscription. Click OK, and your subscription will be permanently deleted.

Further help

If you have any further questions or need any more help, email us at and we'll be happy to help.


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