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Huel (Original) the UK's leading nutritionally complete food v2.2

Huel (Original) the UK's leading nutritionally complete food v2.2
Huel (Original) the UK's leading nutritionally complete food v2.2 Huel (Original) the UK's leading nutritionally complete food v2.2 Huel (Original) the UK's leading nutritionally complete food v2.2 video video video
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Huel is a nutritionally complete powdered food. It's been formulated by a renowned nutrition expert to include the perfect balance of carbs, fat and protein and all the vitamins and minerals your body needs. You can replace all your food with Huel, but most will only replace one or two of their meals. It's made from real food (Oats, Brown Rice, Pea, Flaxseed, Sunflower and MCTs from Coconut) which has been turned into a powder for convenience.  The result is a surprisingly cheap, time saving, environmentally friendly, simple, and humane (100% vegan) food. 

Huel provides at least 100% of the UK Government's 'Reference Nutrient Intakes' and the European Union's 'Daily Recommended Amount'.

Huel has a GI of 27.

Has been approved by a Registered Dietitian.

“Huel is a nutritionally complete product and is therefore a suitable option for a meal replacement. In addition to all essential vitamins and minerals, it also contains a good fatty acid profile including omega-3, monounsaturated fat and middle chain triglycerides. Furthermore, Huel meets the recommended intake for fibre provided the consumer meets their full calorie requirement with Huel”

Rachel Clare BSc (Hons), Registered Dietitian.

Huel is:

  • 100% vegan
  • High in protein - 148g per 2000 calories
  • High in fibre - 35g per 2000 calories (118% of the RDA)
  • Very low in sugar - 4.7g per 2000 calories
  • Nutritionally complete - provides at least 100% of the RDA for all 26 essential vitamins and minerals
  • Huel contains: No added sugar, no meat or animal products, no soy, making it suitable for those with even the most complex dietary requirements.


Huel now comes in two flavours Vanilla and Unflavoured & Unsweetened.

The Vanilla is our original flavour, it has an oaty and light vanilla taste. After extensive testing and custom demand we recently reduced the strength of the flavour and sweetness. This slightly less sweet version is more mellow and more flexible. I.e. you can customise it with different flavours more easily if you desire, although we believe it tastes surprisingly good straight up.

Unflavoured & Unsweetened
Also due to customer demand we have launched an Unflavoured & Unsweetened version. This version does have a chalky and earthy taste which is certainly not to everyone's liking. Most people will need to add a flavour (sweet or savoury) and/or sweetener. If you intend to try Huel for the first time we suggest you start with Vanilla, it's far tastier and requires no additional sweetener or flavour.The good news is that this version is totally customisable and does open the possibility of a savoury Huel. Some ideas include - curry, fruit, vegetable stock, etc. You will find some more ideas here: How to add extra flavours.

Pouches of Huel flavours and sweeteners - Huel has developed a range of delicious flavours - Strawberry, Chocolate, Banana, Pineapple and Coconut, Mocha, Toffee, Rhubarb and Custard, Matcha Tea and Cacao. These are designed to work with both Vanilla Huel and our Unflavoured & Unsweetened version. These flavour pouches use natural flavours and a natural sweetener (Stevia) and cost approximately 10 pence per use for the vanilla and 20 pence for the unflavoured and unsweetened. See the Huel flavour pouches here.

Gluten free Huel

Huel has also developed a gluten free version of Huel due to customer demand. It should be noted that Huel (Original) in both the vanilla and unflavoured and unsweetened flavours on this page are not gluten free, nor are the samples. You can view gluten free Huel here.

Who devised the Huel Formula

Huel was formulated by the renowned nutrition expert James Collier BSc (Hons), RNutr. James has over 25 years of experience working in nutrition and dietetics, including 7 years as a Clinical Dietician in the NHS. Covering an array of clinical areas, he worked with people with a wide range of ailments and food intolerances. He also has an Honours Degree in Nutrition with Dietetics.

Sizes - Vanilla

  • 100g = 402 calories
  • 14,000 calories. ​28 meals at 500 cals each, this comes in 2 x 1.74kg pouches. Cost per meal is £1.60
  • 28,000 calories. ​56 meals at 500 cals each, this comes in 4 x 1.74kg pouches. Cost per meal is £1.54
  • 56,000 calories. ​112 meals at 500 cals each, this comes in 8 x 1.74kg pouches. Cost per meal is £1.47

    Sizes - Unflavoured & Unsweetened

    • 100g = 409 calories
    • 14,000 calories. ​28 meals at 500 cals each, this comes in 2 x 1.70kg pouches. Cost per meal is £1.60
    • 28,000 calories. ​56 meals at 500 cals each, this comes in 4 x 1.70kg pouches. Cost per meal is £1.54
    • 56,000 calories. ​112 meals at 500 cals each, this comes in 8 x 1.70kg pouches. Cost per meal is £1.47


      Huel is made from real food. It contains a carefully chosen blend of pea and rice protein, oats, flaxseed, sunflower seeds, and coconut:

      • Ultra Fine Oats
      • Brown Rice Protein
      • Pea Protein
      • Flaxseed
      • MCTs from Coconut
      • Sunflower Lecithin
      • Vitamin & Mineral Blend
      • Vanilla Flavour & Sweetener  (Not in the Unflavoured & Unsweetened version)

      Nutritional Facts

      See the full nutritional facts and ingredients on another page. Below is summary of the nutrition information.

      Huel Vanilla v2.2

      v2.2 Vanilla 1.74kg

      Huel Unflavoured & Unsweetened v2.2

      v2.2 Unflavoured & Unsweetened 1.71kg

      Main benefits of Huel:

      • Nutritionally complete - provide 100% of what the body needs
      • Fast - takes only a few mins per day to prepare and clean up
      • Affordable - from £5.32 per day, which is just £1.33 per 500 cal meal
      • Zero waste - has a shelf life of 1 year
      • Vegan - contains zero animal products
      • Simple - no more complicated recipes or difficult calorie counting
      • Less impact on environment - being vegan uses fewer resources

      Vitamin Angels

      Huel is proud to say that we will be donating the equivalent of giving 32,000 children enough vitamin A for an entire year. A proportion of every sale we make will go directly to Vitamin Angels to aid this fantastic cause.

      Customers Testimonials

      Marek Bartoszak - Source: Customer feedback survey

      "It is not only healthiest option in the market at the moment but it is very efficient, saving time and money as well, and I see much more improvement when I started to going to gym after few years break, and don`t have to buy any proteins etc, just this food and the results are amazing. Thank you very much for this food."

      ElMerlo - Source: Huel Forum

      "A great "thank you" to the Huel staff for their creation and for their customer care service: one of the best I experienced, ever."

      Tazzi - Source: Huel Forum

      "I am really pleased with it ! So easy to use, the taste is great, and I have not felt hungry.

      I am getting on brilliantly with Huel for weight loss....started 17th July at 17 stone, now, at 2 weeks I am at 16 stone 8 lbs, which I am delighted at."

      Jo Hill - Source: Huel Forum

      "Nearly three weeks on Huel, and I just love it, I'm losing weight, not hungry, and feeling so much better! I eat a meal when I fancy it, but otherwise stick to Huel, it is perfect for me - thank you."

      Matt Phillips - Source: Radio 4 

      "I found the convenience really quite useful and health definitely comes into play. Being able to receive your week’s food / shopping, if you will, in one box that just gets delivered to you and contains very little waste, is good for everybody involved.

      The benefit of actually eating healthily rather than unhealthily, as a side effect, is a great one. I feel more alert, a bit more awake, and I've noticed an improvement in my skin. I've noticed an improvement in my general well-being. When you eat a real meal, it’s very easy to overeat, but because you’re eating a prescribed amount with these products, you feel really sated; you feel that you've eaten, you feel healthy, but you don’t feel that bloated awkwardness that you can easily get by simply eating too much."

      Patrick D'Arcy - Customer Feedback Survey

      "Huel has genuinely changed my life. I get to eat healthy, eat ethically, and save money. Unless you're a real foodie, its hard for me to imagine a reason you wouldn't at least replace breakfast with Huel."

      Read more customer testimonials.

      Delivery information - see full delivery info here

      Next day delivery is FREE to all UK mainland addresses. If you order before 3pm it will be delivered the next working day. We don't pick and pack at the weekend, so if you order then it will be picked and packed on Monday and delivered on Tues.

      Please note: The days quoted below are estimated working days (Monday to Friday). You can upgrade your delivery (for a £25.50 cost for mainland UK) to Saturday delivery. Whilst we subsidise the delivery charges for both the flavour/sample pouches and Huel, we subsidise the costs of the flavour/sample pouches less than Huel. This means often it will be cheaper to order the flavour pouches with your Huel, as they’ll be included in the delivery cost of the Huel itself.

      Flavour/Sample Pouch delivery prices in all of Europe

      • 0kg to 0.25kg - One flavour pouch/sample = £2.80
      • 0.25kg to 0.5kg - Two flavour pouches/samples = £4.55
      • 0.5kg to 0.75kg - Three/four flavour pouches/samples = £6.15

      For the rest of the world, flavour/sample pouches cost:

      • 0kg to 0.25kg - One flavour pouch/sample = £4.20
      • 0.25kg to 0.5kg - Two flavour pouches/samples = £7.50
      • 0.5kg to 0.75kg - Three/four flavour pouches/samples = £10.45

      Costs for countries in Europe:

      • Belgium: 0.75kg to 30kg = £5 (2 days)
      • Bosnia and Herzegovina: 0.75kg to 15.5kg = up to £43 (4-6 days)
      • Bulgaria: 0.75kg to 30kg = £18 (4-7 days)
      • Croatia: 0.75kg to 30kg = £15 (4-6 days)
      • Czech Republic: 0.75kg to 30kg = £8 (3-4 days)
      • Denmark: 0.75kg to 30kg = £7 (3 days)
      • Estonia: 0.75kg to 30kg = £12 (4-5 days)
      • Finland: 0.75kg to 30kg = £12 (4-5 days)
      • France: 0.75kg to 30kg = £5 (2-3 days)
      • Germany: Please go to to order
      • Greece: 0.75kg to 30kg = £18 (4-9 days)
      • Hungary: 0.75kg to 30kg = £8 (4-5 days)
      • Iceland: 0.75kg to 15.5kg = up to £43 (4-6 days)
      • Ireland (Republic): 0kg to 10kg = £10 (4-6 days)
      • Ireland (Republic): 11kg to 16kg = £16 (4-6 days)
      • Italy: 0.75kg to 30kg = £8 (3-4 days)
      • Latvia: 0.75kg to 30kg = £12 (4-6 days)
      • Lithuania: 0.75kg to 30kg = £12 (4-6 days)
      • Luxembourg - 0.75kg to 30kg = £5 (2 days)
      • Malta: 0.75kg to 5kg = £44 (4-9 days)*
      • Netherlands: 0.75kg to 30kg = £5 (2 days)
      • Poland: 0.75kg to 30kg = £6 (4-5 days)
      • Portugal: 0.75kg to 30kg = £12 (4-5 days)
      • Romania: 0.75kg to 30kg = £15 (4-6 days)
      • Serbia: 0.75kg to 30kg = £23 (4-7 days)
      • Slovakia: 0.75kg to 30kg = £9 (3-4 days)
      • Slovenia: 0.75kg to 30kg = £9 (4-5 days)
      • Spain: 0.75kg to 30kg = £8 (3-4 days) **
      • Sweden: 0.75kg to 30kg = £9 (4-5 days)
      • Switzerland: 0.75kg to 15.5kg = up to £43 (3 days)

        * Thanks for the tip from Phillip Eaton Richards, who found a much cheaper way to ship to Malta. Use this link:

        And the figures below (amount of Huel, weight and box size) to get it for a much cheaper price:

        112 meals - 8-15.5kg -  406x305x356mm
        56 meals 5-8kg -  400x300x180mm
        28 meals 1st order - 0-5kg - 394x330x145mm
        28 meals repeat - 0-5kg - 400x300x100mm

        **The Spanish Balearic Islands suffer an out of area surcharge, so will cost £22 instead.

        Delivery costs outside of Europe:

        The countries outside of Europe, listed below, that we currently deliver to fall into different bands of how much it will cost to ship Huel. We ship in weight groups of 0kg to 5kg, 5.1kg to 8kg and 8.1kg to 15.5kg. This means that in some instances, you can add more products to your order, such as additional flavour pouches (150 grams), and not pay additional shipping costs. More countries will be added to this list soon.

        0kg to 5kg

        28 meals of Huel (3.42kg)

        5.1kg to 8kg

        56 meals of Huel (6.84kg)

        8.1kg to 15.5kg

        112 meals of Huel (13.68kg)


        Zone 5         




        • Ukraine

        Zone 8




        • China
        • Hong Kong
        • India
        • Japan
        • Singapore
        • South Korea
        • United Arab Emirates

        Zone 9




        • Kuwait
        • New Zealand
        • Qatar
        • Saudi Arabia
        • South Africa

        Zone 10




        • Barbados
        • Cayman Islands

        For the USA you can now buy Huel from our US site. Sorry but we don't currently ship to Canada, but it's in the pipeline. If you want to be notified once shipping to Canada is ready, you can sign up to our mailing list here

        If you would like shipping to any other country please contact us first and we will do our best to help you..

        Shelf life?

        • Unopened - Huel can be stored for up to a year in a dry, cool environment, away from direct sunlight, e.g. a kitchen cupboard. There is a best before date printed on the pouch.
        • Pouch open - once open use within 6 months. Plus reseal the pouch and store in dry, cool environment, away from direct sunlight, e.g. a kitchen cupboard.
        • Once mixed with water - it should be consumed within a few hours, or if refrigerated, 24 hours.

        Only available online

        Huel is only available online. Why, I hear you ask? Well, we want to provide the best possible product at the lowest cost. By cutting out the middle man (retail shops) it allows us to sell you Huel at about 30% less than it would cost in a shop.

        Cautions and Allergen Advice

        Huel is suitable for vegans, GMO-free and free from most potential allergens. The oats used in Huel (Original) may also contain traces of wheat, rye and barley and are therefore not registered as gluten-free. However, Huel (Gluten Free) does not contain gluten.

        Please consult your doctor before using Huel if you have a medical condition that requires dietary intervention or are on any medication that may interact with specific nutrients. See full cautions and allergen advice here

        More questions?

        If you have more questions check out our FAQ page, or visit Huel's forum where you can search for similar questions or post your own.



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