5 Reasons You’ll Love Huel’s Meal Replacement Shakes

People are going crazy for this latest food innovation. But what actually is it, and why are millions making the switch?

With over 300 million meals sold worldwide, Huel has quickly become the leading complete nutrition brand in the world, with millions of Hueligans - that's the name Huel devotees give themselves – all over the world.

So, what’s inspired this devotion? Let's have a look at why millions have chosen the Huel way of life.

Reason #1: it’s so much more than a protein powder or protein shake

Huel is nutritionally complete which means it has all the protein, carbohydrates, fats, vitamins, and minerals your body needs to stay healthy.

It’s a quick, easy, tasty vegan meal that you can drink without needing to feel guilty.


Reason #2: 160 health benefits 

With all these amazing nutrients, come some amazing health benefits (160 to be precise). 

There's vitamin B12 to help reduce fatigue, and calcium to support digestion. Antioxidants for supporting your immune system, vitamin C to boost the body's natural collagen production, and biotin to support healthy skin.

It's packed with every essential vitamin and mineral, perfectly balanced for your health needs and great as part of a vegan or plant-based diet.

Reason #3: Ready in seconds

Huel literally takes 10 seconds to prepare. Just add water plus two scoops into your shaker, shake, and lunch is served. There’s no waiting for the microwave, no prep, and no dirty dishes after. Just rinse your shaker out and carry on with your day. 

Meal times don’t get much easier than Huel.

Reason #4: Stops you from spending loads of money on takeout food

That $15 you just spent on a takeout lunch can quickly add up to $75 for the week.

If you switch to Huel Black Edition for your weekday work lunches that's $2.50 per meal. That’s a saving of $250 a month on overpriced salads…

Reason #5: Easy way to count calories

Huel isn't there specifically to help you lose weight fast. But it can help people who are looking to lose weight. With detailed nutritional information you can keep up with the calories and nutrients you're putting into your body. 

One scoop of Huel = 200 calories and two scoops = a 400-calorie Huel meal, giving you control over your calorie intake. Plus, we include a free scoop and shaker for new customers, so you can make sure you're portioning your meals properly.

You know the benefits, now it’s time to try Huel for yourself. Order below and claim your starter kit.


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