An Introduction to Huel Bars

On the face of it, all snack bars can seem the same and it can be hard to see the wood for the trees. Don’t worry though we’re going to give you the lowdown on the different types of bars on the market and explain what makes Huel Bars special.

Energy Bars

Energy bars are most often the best selling snack bars on the market and they tend to be super high in sugar, often 5 teaspoons plus per bar! This is great if you’re doing some prolonged exercise, we’re talking 1 hour or more, but for all other times, this sugar is just adding calories without any other nutrients or purpose.

Energy bars may contain some added vitamins and minerals, but not always, and they probably won’t contain all 27 essential vitamins and minerals.

Huel guide to vitamins and minerals

Granola Bars

A granola bar usually consists of oats, grains, and nuts. They do provide carbohydrates and fiber however, they lack protein, good fats, and again those hard to get essential vitamins and minerals. Despite their often healthy and natural appearance, they are often high in sugar to appeal to your taste buds.

Candy Bars

The focus of a candy bar is not nutrition but taste. The issue is candy bars are high in sugar and fats without providing any real nutritional value. Having a candy bar every now and then is okay as of course food can bring enjoyment but you don’t want to be having one every day.

Complete Nutrition Bars

This is where the Huel v3.1 Bars and Huel Complete Protein Bars come in. As with any Huel meal or snack, each bar provides ideal amounts of protein, essential fats (omega-3 and 6), carbohydrates, fiber, vitamins & minerals. Or more simply, every Huel bar provides everything you need in a snack, it’s complete.

Huel Bars are not:

  • JUST a protein bar. Although both bars contain protein and Huel Complete Protein bar has 20g* protein per bar, they contain much, much more than just protein.
  • an energy bar. A Huel Bar contains at least 75% less sugar compared to a typical energy bar, but also provides essential fats, fiber, vitamins and minerals in the right amounts.
  • a candy bar. That one is obvious, right?

*Based on Banana Pudding flavor. Nutritional values may vary by flavor

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A Handy Comparison Table

Still not sure which bar to go for? Here’s a handy comparison bar breaking down how Huel bars stack up against other bars on the market.

Per Bar Huel Bar v3.1 Huel Complete Protein Bar Protein Bar3 Energy Bar4 Granola Bar5 Candy Bar6
Brand and Flavor Chocolate Banana Pudding Grenade Carb Killa Protein Bar Fudge Brownie Trek Protein Energy Bar Cocoa Chaos Nature Valley Crunchy Snack Bar Oats & Honey Cadbury Dairy Milk Bar
Energy (kcal) 200 200 215 189 192 240
Fat (g) 8.0 7 8.4 3.7 7.2 14
Saturated Fat (g) 2.5 2.5 4.2 0.8 1.0 8.3
Carbohydrate (g) 23 17 15 28 27 26
Sugars (g) 8 2 2 24 12 25
Fiber (g) 5 5 6.2 2.6 2.4 0.9
Protein (g) 12 20 23 10 3 3
Number of vitamins & minerals 27 27 0 0 0 0
Contains omega-3 & 6 Yes Yes No No No No
Plant-based Yes Yes No Yes Yes No
Gluten-free Yes Yes No Yes No Yes
Natural flavorings Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes No

Huel Complete Protein Bars

Every 200kcal Huel Complete Protein Bars are packed with 20g protein*, only 12g carbs*, <1g added sugar, high in fiber and are sources of every essential vitamin and mineral the body needs. Available in 4 delicious flavors: Salted Caramel, Raspberry, Banoffee/Banana Pudding (US) and Peanut Butter, each enrobed in a vegan cocoa coating.

*Based on Banoffee flavor. Nutritional values may vary by flavor

Huel V3.1 Bars

A delicious and nutritionally complete snack, perfect for any time of the day. At 200kcal per bar Huel v3.1 bars are high in protein and fiber and are sources of every essential vitamin and mineral the body needs.

The Punchline

At 200kcal the v3.1 Huel Bars and Complete Protein Bars are perfect snacks that you can eat at any time knowing you don’t have to worry about the nutrition because we have got you covered. It’s as simple as that.

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