How to Build Muscle

So, you want to build muscle? Get in line. Improving fitness levels and upping our workout routines is often top of the list when it comes to new year resolutions.

Working your way through all the internet has to say on the topic is a minefield though. It's almost like you need a handy guide that whisks you around all the science-backed features you need to read....

From your very first workout to nailing your nutrition (and even how to tailor your workouts to your menstrual cycle), here's some of our best reads on this surprisingly complex matter.

how to build muscle - man doing pull ups

A Beginner's Guide to Your First Gym Workout

When making gym resolutions you can stick to, those early sessions are key. Here’s how to have the most fun, so you keep going back.


How Much Do I Need to Work Out?

Reckon the best way to bulk up is to pump iron 24/7? Here’s why you might want to check out of the pain cave at least once in a while…


how to build muscle - man putting weights on barbell

How to Do the Squat, Deadlift and Bench Press Perfectly

The deadlift, squat and bench press should form the foundation of your fitness routine. That said, they can still be tricky. Here’s how to nail them, and reap the benefits.


The Most Effective Exercises on Earth

Forget the bicep curls. Get more bang for your buck with the moves that hit more muscles in less time.


This Simple Full Body Dumbbell Workout Builds Muscle at Home

Make new gains with this simple (but tough) workout that uses just one piece of kit.


how to build muscle outside of the gym - swimming pool

How to Build Muscle Outside the Gym

Working out can be a chore. Here’s how to mix up your fitness for maximum results, and maybe a bit of fun too.


How to Eat When Building Muscle

Bulking up is a bit of an art form, but it's not as complicated as you might think. Here are a few simple rules to follow when building muscle.


what to eat to build muscle - protein bar

How to Keep Muscle While Losing Fat

Is it possible to keep muscle when cutting body fat? We separate the fact from the fiction.


The Huel Guide to Tailoring Workouts to Your Menstrual Cycle

How the menstrual cycle affects your exercise regime, and how to adapt it to get the best out of your workouts


How Not to Get Injured in the First Week of January

Make getting fit, and staying fit, top of your New Year’s resolutions with our expert-led guide to staying injury free when starting a new workout routine.


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