Huel Lunch Battles

We all know nutritious food is vital for a healthy, happy life, but we are all living increasingly busy lives. This means we often struggle to make healthy food choices, or to strike a balance between nutrition and convenience.

 In this series, we look at popular lunch choices and how they compare with Huel Ready-to-drink.

Chicken Salad and Ranch Dressing vs Huel Ready-to-drink

Huel Ready-to-drink contains 3g more protein than a chicken salad. It may be surprising to some that Huel Ready-to-drink contains less than half the amount of sugar as a chicken salad and half as much salt too.

Huel Ready-to-drink also contains 50% more fiber which is important for gut health.

Furthermore, Huel Ready-to-drink contains five times more calcium and is also high in vitamin K, both micronutrients contribute to the maintenance of normal bones


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Greek Salad with Quinoa vs Huel Ready-to-drink


Huel Ready-to-drink contains around half as much fat and saturated fat as a greek salad with quinoa. In Huel Ready-to-drink, the majority of fats are unsaturated with a good ratio of essential omega 3:omega 6 fatty acids (1:2).

Both options are high in fiber and low in sugar but Huel Ready-to-drink contains slightly less sugar than the greek salad. Huel Ready-to-drink also contains three times less sodium which is typically too high in the US diet and we should aim to reduce our sodium consumption.

As Huel Ready-to-drink is high in vitamin B12, folate, and calcium, amongst other micronutrients, it’s nutrient dense and so makes a great lunch choice.


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Veggie Burrito with Salsa vs Huel Ready-to-drink


Huel Ready-to-drink contains over five times less sodium than a veggie burrito, in line with FDA recommendations. Huel Ready-to-drink also contains twice as much protein and is a complete protein source which means all the essential amino acids are provided in sufficient amounts.

For a veggie burrito to be a complete protein source it would need to contain both rice and beans. A veggie burrito is high in fiber, containing more than Huel Ready-to-drink but at 6g per bottle this is higher than most lunch options. Huel contains over twice as much vitamin A and C, both vitamins are important for a functioning immune system.


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