Is Huelwear Organic?

In order to fulfil our pledge to ensure minimal impact on animals and the environment, we've gone organic with our Huelwear range.

Any item in the Huelwear range that has been crafted using organic cotton – so t-shirts, joggers and hoodies – has been verified by the Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS).

What is GOTS?

GOTS is an international organisation that ensures the quality of organic products around the world. It strives to ensure that organic textiles become a part of everyday life, and seeks to do that through creating a standard that stipulates requirements throughout the supply chain for both ecological and labour conditions in textile and apparel manufacturing.

Huelwear adheres to this standard by producing all relevant items with GOTS-certified organic cotton. All of the organic certification for our Huelwear range can be viewed below:

Becri - Malhas e Confecções, SA

A leader in circular thinking, our jersey specialist reuses steam heat to power machinery, produces its own solar energy (which also powers the on-site electric car charging points) and invests in staff, with a 50% co-financing contribution to childcare fees, and training and development programmes offered to workers at all levels. Becri, based in Portugal, is where we manufacture our t-shirts, joggers and hoodies.



One of Portugal’s most innovative clothing manufacturers, Valerius is on a mission to encourage circularity with programmes that recycle fabric off-cuts, as well as solar panel schemes that will see their factories produce 35% of the energy they consume on-site. They also have a dedicated wastewater treatment plant, which processes out chemicals and contaminants so that water can be reused in the manufacturing process. We manufacture hoodies and joggers here.


Is Huelwear Vegan?

All Huelwear is completely animal-free. Find out more about our vegan clothing range here.

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