10 of the Most Popular Huel Digest Articles From 2022

When we started the Huel Digest at the beginning of the year we didn’t know what to expect. Would our community of Hueligans take kindly to in-depth articles on the subjects dear to us – nutrition, fitness, self-improvement, and sustainability. Well, it was just our luck that those were topics dear to them too.

Here are the pieces that have gone down especially well then – from nutritional deep dives to easy-to-follow workout guides, and a fair few things in between.

Grab a chair, perhaps a Huel too, and have a flick through our most popular articles in 2022.

most effective exercises on earth

The Most Effective Exercises on Earth

It’s the question all gym-goers want to know – what exercises are going to help you build the most muscle in the least amount of time. Take notes…


 How to Design Your Day, According to Experts

Getting the most out of your day can be hard. Which is why we asked the best PTs and mindfulness experts out there to talk us through maximizing your daily potential.


How to Keep Muscle While Losing Fat

Is it possible to keep muscle when cutting body fat? We separate the fact from the fiction.


Six Expert-Approved Ways to Sleep Better

If you’re struggling for shut-eye – or just want to drop off quicker and stay down longer – these tips will usher you into the land of nod quicker than counting sheep.


Batch Cooking: 5 Big Dishes to See You Through the Week

Few things are quite as mood-boosting as a big batch of something warm and comforting. Not only will it save you money, but you’ll also have all your lunches for the week prepped and ready.


Ask a Nutritionist: What Protein-Packed Food Is Best for Breakfast?

A series we’ve been particularly proud of introducing this year is our ‘Ask The Nutritionist’ with Huel’s in-house nutritionist Dan answering your burning questions. This one proved particularly popular…


Alcohol and Your Skin, Explained

We all know alcohol’s impact on your liver, but your skin is also taking a hit during happy hour. Here’s why cutting down throughout the year pays dividends for your complexion.


healthy ageing

Everything You Need to Know about Healthy Aging

What do we mean when we talk about aging? Read on for an in-depth, expert-led guide to growing older, what it means, and how to own it.


19 Gym Myths to Stop Believing Immediately

Working out is hard enough without these unhelpful pieces of locker room 'wisdom' distracting you from what actually works. Let the experts bust those myths…


What is the Ketogenic Diet?

Another year has gone by with the keto diet dominating nutrition forums and conversations. Read our thorough breakdown for all you need to know.


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