Huel Enamel Mug



This contemporary enamel mug is incredibly durable. It has a white exterior and black accent, featuring Huel's iconic logo.

Enamelware is porcelain fused onto heavy-gauge steel, making it highly durable. Perfect for Huelers on-the-go or at their desk, the Huel Enamel Mug can be used for hot and cold drinks.

Additional Information

Although dishwasher safe, hand washing with warm soapy water is recommended to preserve the mug's enamel appearance. Citrus juices and citrus-based cleaners (including some dishwasher detergents) should not be used.


Capacity: 285 ml (9.6 fl. oz.)
Size: 81mm x 118mm (3.2" x 4.6")
Diameter: 92mm (3.6")
Material: Heavy-gauge Steel
Origin: UK

Delivery information

Delivery is free in the USA for all orders over $25. Delivery for orders under $25 is an additional $5. For more information about deliveries, please visit our Delivery Questions page

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