Huel Shaker Bottle (Frosted)


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The classic Buchsteiner BPA-free Mixmaster Shaker. It’s made from high-quality raw materials and meets all food contact regulations. The vessel holds 24 fl. oz. (700ml) of Huel plus has extra space in the lid for shaking. Mix up a meal of Huel Powder in about 10 seconds, and off you go!


  • BPA-free
  • Holds up to 24 fl. oz. (700ml)
  • A large spout to fit ice-cubes in
  • Detachable ice guard


  • Frosted, with a black lid
  • Huel branding
  • Measurements on the side
  • Dishwasher friendly

About the manufacturer

Huel shakers are made by Buchsteiner in Germany, using only the highest quality raw materials that comply with all regulations regarding food contact, and are certified by independent laboratories.

Shipping information

Shipping is free in the USA for all orders over $25. Shipping for orders under $25 is an additional $5. See our shipping questions page for more information.

More questions?

If you have more questions, checkout our FAQ page, or visit Huel's forum where you can search for similar questions or post your own.


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